June 11, 2019

57 - Global Frequency

We are joined by returning guest Jane for the failed pilot Global Frequency, which imagines a secret spy network investigating supernatural incidents using the futuristic technology of smart phones and rolodexes.

After taking the Escape Pod™, we jump ahead to the final episode of Mann & Machine for the story of a cryogenically frozen hamster named Carlos and the eternal question of 'are robots Frankensteins?'.

We're joined by returning guest Stephen for a knock-off of Chinatown and a terrible VHS transfer complete with commercial breaks in episodes 3 and 4 of Mann & Machine.

This week, we begin to unpack Dick Wolf's robot/cop partner series Mann & Machine where the police work has never been shoddier and lusting after someone with the mental maturity of a 7 year old is maybe okay?

May 14, 2019

53 - Planet Earth

Guest Kevin returns to delve into the reboot/sequel to Roddenberry's failed pilot/TV movie Genesis II. This failed pilot/TV movie is retitled Planet Earth and returns to the post-apocalyptic future to discover a society where women rule and where everyone involved probably feels pretty uncomfortable for appearing in a weird Gene Roddenberry sexual fantasy.

We're coming back next week!

Find out more in this short announcement.

April 19, 2019

**Hiatus Announcement**

We've been recording for entire calendar year, so we're taking a short break to regroup and prep for more episodes. Find out more in this short announcement.

April 16, 2019

52 - America 2100

This week, hosts Jordan & Luke take on their first failed sci-fi sitcom pilot featuring a prologue death scene, a Catskills comedian robot overlord, and the funny from 1979.

In the finale of the Frank Herbert's Dune miniseries, its all sassy little sisters, climactic battles, messiah complexes and one baby murder.

It's the hump episode of Frank Herbert's Dune where spice blows, Fremen public transportation is ridden and a baby worm is wrestled.

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