August 27, 2021

**Return Announcement**

The podcast is returning for a fourth year next Tuesday, but now is a good chance to remind ourselves how the podcast works.

A third year of the podcast has come to an end. But before we take our break, we play a little game to celebrate.

The podcast is coming back next week, but before that we wanted to do a little housekeeping and mentions some changes we're making.

We've finished two years of episodes and are gonna take a quick break but before we do, we have a little look back at two years of the podcast and dropped Continuum Drag: The Text Adventure: The Game.

Play the Continuum Drag game here:

We're coming back next week!

Find out more in this short announcement.

April 19, 2019

**Hiatus Announcement**

We've been recording for entire calendar year, so we're taking a short break to regroup and prep for more episodes. Find out more in this short announcement.

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