In the final two episodes of Galactica 1980, Troy and Dylan work on a farm (ee-eye-ee-eye-oh) before a bizarre final episode that ditches the entire cast of the series to bring back Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck for an unrelated stand-alone adventure.

In our New Years Day episode, returning guest Kevin joins us for a Halloween two-parter of Galactica 1980 where the Cylons come to Earth to hang out with Wolfman Jack at a house party in New York City. Also, we have some technical difficulties that make it sound like Kevin is joining us from inside a cave... Sorry, Kevin!

We hit the halfway point of Galactica 1980 in our holiday episode of Continuum Drag, where a fancy flying saucer brings dead Super Scouts back to life before they go off to win the big regional little league championship in episodes five and six.

As guest Stephen joins us this week, we finish the final installment in the first cycle of Galactica 1980 episodes before the entire series suddenly shifts gears and abruptly becomes a children's show featuring TWELVE new pint-sized characters in the first of another multipart episode.

We watch the first two episodes of Galactica 1980, the sequel to the original BSG, which starts off as a fish-out-of-water comedy about aliens adapting to 80s Earth culture before taking a hard right turn to somehow end up in 1944 Nazi Germany.

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