February 18, 2020

93 - Gemini Man (Finale)

After taking the Escape Podâ„¢ on Gemini Man, we dive in the its final episode for a tale of international political intrigue, questionable police work and our last invisible hijinks.

We hit a tennis ranch for a doppelganger thriller and then take the night train to Dallas with a dog & a women's PanAm swim team in episodes three & four of Gemini Man.

After its TV movie pilot, Gemini Man gets started with a singing trucker, a robotic minotaur and concerns of fiscal responsibility in episodes one and two.

January 28, 2020

90 - Gemini Man (Episode 0)

Strap on your digital watch! We're watching the TV movie/pilot for Gemini Man, where a scuba diving atomic accident messes with a man's DNA helixes and he gets the power to turn invisible for 15 minutes a day.

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