In this deleted scene from episode 17 of Continuum Drag, Luke's cousin Nick and his fiancee Jen drop in after being bumped from the episode with a few questions they had about the last episode of Harsh Realm.

August 14, 2018

17 - Harsh Realm (Finale)

In our last Harsh Realm episode, its a classic Romeo and Juliet plot featuring a very lonely priest and Pinnochio revealing that he loooves gold.

We reboot Harsh Realm as a mega summer blockbuster, then someone loses a leg and Santiago goes to Cleveland.

This week Jordan and Luke are joined by guest Courtenay where they try to explain to her how Harsh Realm works, why Terry O'Quinn isn't in any episodes, and where exactly have they left the dog this week.

Things start to look up for Harsh Realm in episodes 3 & 4 as we get into a Zip Fight with some compressed files and step through a glitch into World War 2.

Jordan and Luke boot up Chris Carter's series Harsh Realm for the story of a saviour, an acting dog, a little wooden boy, and a whole lot of glitches.

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