In a deleted scene from podcast episode 65, Jordan reads some Planet of the Apes fan fiction.

We've reached the end of Planet of the Apes in episodes 13 & 14 as the boys & their ape friend discover a mysterious temple that kills any who enter it and then Galen learns to fly!

In episodes eleven and twelve, our old ass-tro-naut pals and Galen try to talk an old friend of Urko's into committing a crime before Virdon hooks up with a farmer's daughter and cures a malaria outbreak on Planet of the Apes.

We return to the Planet of the Apes for Urko's hobby of fixing horse races and a how-to guide for brainwashing humans in episodes nine and ten.

In episodes seven and eight, Plant of the Apes switches gears to a medical drama and apes in hoods go on an allegorical rampage.

The Planet of the Apes tour of the Bay Area continues with a trip to Oakland and a long wait of Bandor featuring sharks (!) in episodes five and six.

For episode three and four, we're joined by Planet of the Apes superfan Kaveh for a trip to a post-apocalypse San Francisco BART station and a badly managed ape farm.

This week, we travel through a wormhole or time dilation or something to crash land on the Planet of the Apes television series where gladiatorial battles and ape high councils await.

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