The end is here. We finish off Space: Above & Beyond with episodes 22 and 23, a two-parter that brings us face to face with the Chigs and their weird little babies. Also, someone dies!

Space: Above & Beyond cribs notes from history class as hosts Jordan & Luke are joined by returning guest Jane for re-imaginings of Operation Mincemeat and the Guadalcanal Campaign, Wild Cards-style.

This week on Space: Above & Beyond, hosts Jordan & Luke develop a theory of about a haunted tank and the Pleasure Ship Bacchus makes an appearance with some celebrity friends.

This week, we're joined by guest Sherren as West's kid brother shows for a family reunion and the Saratoga faces the crime of the century: what happened to Commodore Ross' strawberries?!?

Space: Above & Beyond hits its high water mark with episodes 14 & 15 as we face the Wild Card's greatest enemy, Chiggy Von Richthofen, and get to know the newest (and possibly best) member of the 58th: the horny AF Lt. Winslow.

Returning for the second half of Space: Above & Beyond, Luke tests Jordan's psychic abilities and we watch a live Tank birth in the twelveth and thirteenth episodes of the season.

We're joined by returning guest Courtenay as West nearly gets a lobotomy and Wang is a real Ebenezer Scrooge in episodes 10 & 11 of Space: Above & Beyond.

We encounter our first two-parter ever in episodes 8 & 9 of Space: Above & Beyond, where the 58th recklessly sticks their arms into gooey alien orifices and get tossed into a penal colony for their efforts.

Luke and Jordan are joined by our guest Jane for a whole lot of blood, cockroaches and political intrigue in episodes six and seven of Space: Above & Beyond.

In the 4th & 5th epsiodes, Space: Above & Beyond begins to hit its stride with a Tank mutiny, space pancakes and the adventures of Raymond T Butts.

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